The Power of Food

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Written by Michael Kelly

Eat food to nourish and flourish

We sat down with Swisse Dietitian, Simone Austin, to get an understanding of the importance of freedom, connection and identity when it comes to food. Here’s what Simone had to say…

Food is a powerful, important and essential part of our lives. It can stir up all types of emotions; anger, excitement, sadness, happiness, hunger, hanger, guilt, deprivation and the list goes on!

How can we can take control of these emotions and harness the goodness of food to nourish and then flourish?

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Find freedom in eating and make friends with food. Skip the rules that cause restrictions and the battles that result from cravings and hunger.

Start focusing on what you can eat and what is already positive about your eating habits. There are probably many great simple things you already do (eating breakfast and enjoying fruit each day), you just need to trust yourself to build on them.


Connect with your body. Ask yourself, what foods will fuel me? What will improve MY health? Yes, that’s right… YOUR health, which is different to someone else’s. Let go of the constant focus and comparison to other body shapes and sizes. Love YOUR body and you might find the weight looks after itself when you start listening to what it actually needs.


We eat for so many reasons but this doesn’t define you. Our identity is not based on what sort of eater we are or what diet we are on. It’s about eating the food you:

  • feel like
  • enjoy
  • fits your culture, the social situation, your family
  • will nourish you
  • fits your appetite

No one is recommending you down a burger and chips every day just because you feel like it. We still recommend you base your food intake around wholesome foods such as fruit, vegetables, lean meats, fish, nuts, legumes, seeds, wholegrains and dairy. We simply suggest that you enjoy your food and, while it’s highly likely that sometimes you will select the burger and chips option, that doesn’t mean your life is over or your wellness journey is coming to an end.

Remember to ask yourself questions, be inquisitive about what food you choose when and why. You may find without so much judgement on what you do and criticism of yourself, that you make positive changes and choose a nourishing diet without guilt.

Final tips

  1. Stop obsessing about food and start enjoying it
  2. Love your body and like who you are.
  3. Stop setting unrealistic expectations.
  4. Eat to nourish your mind, body and spirit
  5. Look at nutrition as your overall food intake not a single food or meal

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