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Same premium quality formula, new premium look

New look labels and packaging overview

We are excited to announce that from October 2018 we started the transition to new look labels and packaging designs for our vitamins and supplements range.

What is changing at Swisse?

NEW Label Design:

At Swisse, we will be transitioning to a new label design for all vitamins and supplements to assist you in better navigating our range and choosing products that are right for you.

The new labels will provide you with information that is more detailed and easier to locate, including expanded active ingredient lists and more comprehensive allergen information.

NEW Packaging Design:

The new Swisse packaging design will give our range a more consistent look-and-feel on shelf, whilst providing improved functionality and additional brand identification components.

When will it happen?

All good things take time! As we transition to new labels and packaging commencing October 2018, you might see both old and new versions of your favourite Swisse products on shelf for the next two years. Inside, our premium quality formulations remain the same, so you can feel confident purchasing either.

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